Our site is still in process of building due to heavy works with our clients which means that some parts of our website could be updated in future. However, regarding the custom work which we provide and that means our wordpress custom themes, wordpress fixes, optimization, we don’t provide any refund once our job is done.

Custom Work

Considering that with all custom works which we do, we at each step of design are in contact with our client, once our final product (Design) is delivered and set up on client’s server, we don’t accept refunds for our work.

Further, we do agree on project timeline and payments with our clients, and therefor these rules do apply:

  • If We, “StyleWP” fail to deliver on timeline we offer a discount
  • If client, that means “You” fail to pay on agreed timeline, we deserve the right after the payment is done, to delay timeline or make a new one per our condition. (Why this? Well, let’s say You, the client, don’t agree to our mutually agreed timeline, another client might arrive at the same time, and to not fail from our side their timeline, we put yours on hold or make a new timeline per our conditions).
  • Once timeline is agreed, and design “locked”, meaning we are starting developing, for any additional changes, we deserve the rights to increase agreed timeline.

Ready Themes

At this moment we don’t provide a full refund once you buy our “Ready Theme” for the following reasons:

  •  I don’t like it anymore
  • I thought it is something different
  • Would like to use funds to buy another one (from a different provider)
  • In short, given that our Ready Themes have fully ready demo and documentation, You, know what you’re buying.

If our themes don’t “deliver, meaning there are some issue with them (even though that could be very rare as we fully test them), functionality regarding which breaks your site, we offer our fix for the same or a refund. In this, possible conflicts with free or paid plugins (from other provider than ourselves) it’s not an acceptable reason. While we do our best to make our themes working with many plugins, we can’t know if the plugin’s author following php standards and could his conflict with our themes. We’ll help where we can.

We deserve the right to change our Terms and Conditions without a prior notice.