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The most common questions answered

Question we got most often is how fast we can build or finish projects. There's no right answer for this. Would you know how much time you would need to build a house, if, you don't know what kind of house you want, or what that house should have? Clearly, an answer is no. So, while we can give some rough but not 100% answer at start, before we got a full scope of the project, we can't say any estimations, time regarding.
Similar to question above, price can't be said before we know a full scope of the project. The more informations you share to us about your project, more concrete details about pricing we can provide.
No, we don't offer refund for our custom work, because no one can refund our "lost" time spent on the project. Given we are at each step of project in contact with our clients, both clients and we are on the same timeline about specific project. If we fail to deliver on agreed timeline, we do offer a discount or in some circustations, a full refund. Those depends per cases. If client is delaying a payment, we reserve the right to delay a project (in this case per our terms - see more at Terms). As for our Ready Themes, we dont offer any kind of a refund. If you have any issues with them, please contact us, we will solve those.
No, we don't offer tryouts of any kind, because those would not compensate for our work.
Quite possible. Our FAQ page will be expanded in future when we do see a need for that, but for now, we're very friendly people, so don't hesitate to send us an email about your question.